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The L’Hôte saddlery is dedicated to the conception and making of leather personalized products. Our workshop in located in the French region of Gers. We only use high-end leather from an estimated supplier. Our high-quality buckles are mainly made in brass, nickel-plate brass and stainless steel. We apply traditional French saddlery techniques to bring you luxury items covered by a 10 year-warranty (or a life time warranty for the belts).

All of our products are handmade and all of the sewing is done by hand, using the traditional saddle stitch which ensures sturdiness that machine-made sewing or rivets cannot reach. Extreme care is applied to the finish of our items which are custom made with pride and realized by a certified saddlemaker.

We are still in the process of translating all of our product descriptions; however, feel free to drop us a line at contact[a]sellerie-lhote.com and we will do our best to provide extra info and satisfy your specific requests.

Here are a couple of general guidelines to ensure you are satisfied with your order:

Custom belts :

If you wish to order a custom belt, here is how to proceed :

  • Measure your waistline: using an old belt or a borrowed one is a fail-proof method. Take the measurement between the tip of the buckle and the hole you use to fasten the belt.
  • Choose your buckle using the pictures on the website, or give us an accurate description of the look you are going for. Buckles can be yellow gold (made of brass) or white (nickel-plated brass).
  • Choose the width of your belt: the width is not entirely customisable and should follow typical buckles sizes : 2cm or 2.5cm (0.79in or 0.98in) for a thin belt, 3cm or 3.5cm (1.18in or 1.38in) for a medium one, 4cm or 4.5cm (1,57in or 1.77in) for a large item.
  • Leather color: Black, havana brown, irish and cognac are the available colors.
  • You can also choose the color of the thread.

The « saddler’s belt » is our best seller and costs 145€. Prices for custom belts start at 75€ (postage fees not included).

You can further customize your belt by discussing the following points:

  • Choose the type of sewing you are interested in.
  • Choose a finish for the edges : for all belts over 145€, the edges are coated with a protective tincture and carefully rubbed smooth with a specific iron. You can lower the overall cost of your belt by choosing a gum arabic coating which gives a more rugged look. Both options include a final beeswax coating.
  • Loops: instead of choosing one loop for your belt you can opt for two, or even three loops. We can also make an extra movable loop to hold the tip of your belt in place.
ceinture noire boucle blanche sur mesure made in franceschéma pour prendre la mesure de sa ceinture

Bridles (horse riding):

licol sur mesure cheval luxe haut de gamme

Approximate prices according to options:

–Bridle, noseband not included: 310€ 
–Noseband: 140€
–Sidepull: 360€
–Cavesson: 550€
–Reins, with buckles and loops: 220€
–Reins with snap hooks: 150€
–Halter: 310€ 

If you are looking for something specific, want to request more info on an item or order a custom product, drop us a line at contact[a]sellerie-lhote.com

For other animals :

Approximate prices according to options:

–Collar: 115€
–Leash: 120€

If you are looking for something specific, want to request more info on an item or order a custom product, drop us a line at contact[a]sellerie-lhote.com

collier chat sur mesure cuir haut de gamme original
ceinture sur mesure couleur cuir

Black, havana brown, irish and cognac.

Choix de couleur pour le fil de lin